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Santa Fe Colombia

Santa Fe (Spanish pronunciation: [santafe]) is the third locality of Bogot, Capital District of Colombia. Santa Fe is part of the traditional downtown of the city of Bogot, the area where the city was founded by Gonzalo Jimnez de Quesada on August 6, 1538. This area once comprised Bogot’s total main urban area and was known as “Santa Fe de Bogot” with its traditional neighbourhoods.

Santa Fe hosts some of the main business areas in Bogot, and is served by the Carrera Sptima, one of the main arteries of the city. The locality hosts most of Bogot’s skyscrapers. The International Center and the financial district along the Avenida Jimnez are also located within Santa Fe.

The main streets of central Bogot intersect in Santa Fe: Carrera Sptima, formerly known as Calle Real (Royal Street), Carrera Dcima, Calle 26, Avenida Circunvalar, Avenida Caracas, Avenida Ciudad de Lima and Avenida Jimnez.

Santa Fe also has a rural area located in the Eastern Hills of which Monserrate and Guadalupe are the main landmarks. The locality of La Candelaria was the location where Santa Fe de Bogot was founded and is an enclave in the middle of the locality Santa Fe. La Candelaria was separated from Santa Fe after the creation of the Capital District.
The Faenza Theater, the oldest in Bogot

Bogot was founded by Gonzalo Jimnez de Quesada on August 6, 1538, under the name of Santa Fe de Bogot. The legal foundation occurred at the Bolvar Square in La Candelaria between the rivers of San Francisco (now Avenida Jimnez) and San Agustin (now Calle 6).

During the early years of the 20th century, the city was confined within the present territory of Santa Fe, until the 1920s when urbanization expanded towards Chapinero and later towards the west. The westward expansion happened in the 1950s, just after the violent days of El Bogotazo that partially destroyed the streets.

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