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0:00 Weed introduction
0:05 First internet transaction between MIT and Stanford students buying weed through Arpanet joke
0:23 Washington D.C. decriminalizing weed joke
0:38 Colorado taxes and money saved on not prosecuting weed joke

1. Computer historians have recovered records showing that the
very first internet transaction was for a bag of weed in 1972 between
students at Stanford and students at MIT using a program called Arpanet.

Now we finally know why they call it the cloud

2. Washington D..C officials are making their move to decriminalize marijuana
possesion and cultivation after the bill was approved in November.

There are now plans to turn the capitol into a pot farm so they can get some
actual production out of Congress.

3. Colorado has made $60 mil in taxes and saved $145 mil in not prosecuting
marijuana-related offenses.

Opponents to the legalization problem have not been able to comment

4. Rapper 2 Chainz told Nancy Grace that anybody can already get pot

He then proved it by buying a bag of weed off one of the show’s crew members

5. The Colorado Association of Chiefs of Police are hosting a conference to
talk about dealing with weed issues since marijuana has been legalized in
the state.

The topics will include helpful tips like passing to the left, blowing stale
smoke out of the bong and the number to dominoes. remember to recycle folks



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