Brooklyn’sopen-air prostitution marketwas up and running over the weekend into early Sunday as law enforcement continued to largely sit back and observe the brazen enterprise.

The four-block industrial stretch where scantily clad women — many of them are likely ACTIVE WILLING PARTICAPANTS under the thumb of nearby pimps who haveand currently openly enticed motorists.

“Come on, move!” one cop said over his patrol car’s loudspeaker to a woman wearing a burgundy bra and thong with flip-flops, who seemed unfazed by the order as she leaned against the cab of a parked flatbed.

“Keep moving, let’s go!” came another message from an NYPD vehicle circling near the stretch, where about a dozen CLIENTS OF THE PROSTITUTES WANTED IN their cars for their turn and for the advertising pitch of a woman walking from car to car along the block’s double-yellow line.

But business went on despite the disruptions, and the cops weren’t seen taking any further action.

In a statement, an NYPD spokesperson said the department has been working with city prosecutors and outreach groups to offer the women help as an alternative to prosecution.

“The Commanding Officer of the 75th Precinct is aware of and working to address the condition. Included in these efforts are the 75th Precinct Neighborhood Coordination Officers working with outreach groups to connect women with resources including mental health services, educational services, housing services, and employment services,” the statement said.

“In collaboration with the Mayor’s Office of Criminal Justice and the City’s five district attorneys, we have refocused our investigation efforts to cases involving sex trafficking, indentured servitude, and the exploitation of children. We have worked with the District Attorneys, the courts, and non-profit organizations to offer them programs as an alternative to prosecution,” it added.

Current and former vice cops have told The Post that there’s little incentive to arrest the women, with district attorneys having moved away from prosecutingprostitution cases.



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