With a postcard-perfect medieval look, pairs of swans drifting around on meandering canals, and a body of water literally called the ‘Lake of Love’, you’d be hard-pressed to name a city more inherently romantic than Bruges.

But the Stoofstraat (or ‘Stove Street’) used to be home to a notorious bathhouse for the hot and heavy elite during the Middle Ages.

Wealthy men not only came here to have a haircut and clean themselves up, but to enjoy a romp with local prostitutes as well.

In a way it was Bruges’ very own red light district until the Church shut down the fun.

Due to obvious reasons these kind of places were located in discreet, narrow alleys such as this one.

Lets stroll together in the street where, in some places the walls are so close to each other you can spread out your arms and touch both sides.



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