Today we will be doing a night walk in Madrid after dark

We start in Plaza de Espana, and capture the street markets, colorful night lights and buzzing nightlife.

This walking tour is filmed in Madrid, Spain October 2022.

Fully shot in 4K HDR, if you enjoyed please like and subscribe!

0:00 Intro
0:55 Plaza de Espana
5:25 Calle Gran Via
12:21 Santo Domingo
16:30 Plaza del Callao
20:00 Calle Gran Via
26:34 Calle de la Montera
28:36 Calle de la Hortalza
30:47 Calle de la Infantas
31:46 Plaza Pedro Zerolo
33:30 Calle de San Bartolome
36:00 Calle de Augusto Figueroa
37:55 Calle de Hortalza
41:17 Calle de la Infantas
42:00 Calle de Fuencartal


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