SEX MUSEUM, Amsterdam Venustempel. Red Light District. 4K – 30FPS | part 2

Visit to the sex museum in the city of Amsterdam, in the Netherlands. The Museum is located within the famous Red Light District, which is also home to many of the city’s points of interest: prostitution museum, peep show booths, coffee shops, brothels, cocktail bars…
An interesting visit, lasting approximately 1 hour, at a price of 9 in 2021.

00:00 Introduction
00:41 Amsterdam Sex Museum | Venustempel
01:14 Marilyn Monroe
02:55 sex card games
03:35 The sex roller
05:00 The Stallion
05:25 Don Cipote de la Mancha
06:37 Objects, pictures, images…
07:30 Sex in ancient China
08:25 That ass…
09:15 Departure | Location
09:35 Thank you for watching the video! subscribe! 😉

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