Friday night in Centro Medellin was amazing. You can chat & meet some of the Medellin ladies at

Some of the most beautiful Colombian women I ever seen, and lots of them too. Botero plaza area is the main red light district of Medellin Colombia. Passport Dog & Barber World TV both agree this video is the most insane video they ever seen, even better then our Lleras Park 2022 Most Insane videos!

Lleras Park 2021 was good, but Lleras Park 2021 & Centro Medellin 2022 is amazing. Women are everywhere and super cheap. Central Medellin / Downtown Medellin is much cheaper then lleras park medellin 2021 and lleras park medellin 2022. 50 mil vs 300 mil ($13 vs $75 USD)

You can chat & meet some of the Central Medellin ladies at

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Central Medellin (Red Light District):
Parque Lleras (Red Light District):
Best Restaurants of Medellin:
Safety Tips in Colombia:
Dating Colombian Women Tips: offers you a matching service as well for chatting, girlfriend, side-chick, sugar daddy, marriage, and of course just a special tours service.

One of the best tips I can share with you guys when visiting is get the identification of each lady friend you bring back to your apartment, then tell the door man (you better have one) to NOT let her leave without your verbal permission. The best option is just to go to and then you can relax, knowing we have all her info. is the only site I know of that you can get one on one advice as well about living/visiting Colombia. Sit back and relax and let us handle your move, VIP parties, bachelor parties and more.


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