Central Medellin is the red light district capital of Medellin and in Colombia in my opinion. Since working ladies of the night are looking for Johns morning, day, and night. Visit ColombiaTips.com to meet / chat with some of the ladies you see in the videos along with a few special guests.

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Paypal Donation: https://www.paypal.com/donate/?hosted_button_id=L37QQHPBHSZE2 />Any donation helps… I need to raise money for a mobile microphone, Osmo Hidden Pocket Camera, and replace my lost DRONE. IT got SHOT down when I was flying in Narco Territory… Dammmm man $1200 down the drain!

There a certain areas where they hang out, mostly by the Parque Botero Plaza. There are like 2-3 blocks of concentrated area of ladies of the night, although they work all day/morning… etc.

The thing I am scared of in entering into one of those hotel/motels, my spidey sense tells me that to be careful. It could be the perfect robbery setup. So if you go, leave all valuables at home, and take a throw away phone.

Parque lleras aka ( Lleras Park Medellin) area is about 3x more expensive, so central average cost is about 50mil ($15), and in Parque Lleras about 150mil-300mil ($45-100). INSANE! But in all fairness some better looking women and you pay for convenience (it’s close by – no taxi’s – you walk back to your place).

Colombian women are absolutely stunning. They are proud strong women, so don’t think they will go up to you. You will still have to approach them. So just say hi / hola / como estas. Barber World TV, DCBornRob & Passport Dog are good videos but they don’t go deep inside with much details. This digital nomad life in Medellin Colombia is exciting and the internet is getting faster and faster every day.

Lleras park Medellin 2021 was great towards the end, Lleras park Medellin 2022 will be much better. No more mask and easier travel restrictions. Lleras park 2021 on New Years day was absolutely insane, the best ever in 4 years! My New Years Eve 2022 video coming soon, wow it was so fun. I hear Cartagena Colombia was also great since most families here travel there from Dec 15th to Jan 13th.

Make sure to like and subscribe. See ya www.ColombiaTips.com. Lleras park 2022 is going to be the best year in my opinion. Colombia is ready to party in 2022!


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