Should I even share this video?? You tell me! Maybe I shouldn’t have! Lesson learned! (Reedited version!) Hopefully parties involved are OK with new edits…. Part 2 of Jasmine’s Birthday celebrated in Siem Reap was even more #LIT than Part 1! We turned all the way up in Cambodia the other night, especially for the second half of the night! #YOLO The end of part one is included in this video due to storage space issues lol, but stay tuned, the night gets even wilder as time goes on! I can’t believe this video actually loaded- on the best quality too! Woop woop!… This might be the most fun I’ve had since being in Cambodia almost 2 years now! Going out with a frikin bang!

#Barhopping #NightlifeinSiemReap #LocalsinSiemReap

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