Parque lleras nightlife is amazing… if you are a single man. There are so many beautiful women there. Follow Us at: – Lleras Park 2021 was great, but Lleras Park in 2022 is so much better wow!

Parque lleras 2021 has many women that come from little towns nearby, such as Sabaneta, Envigado, Bello, and Copa Cabana.

El Poblado is where Parque LLeras is located. El Poblado is a SECTOR with the highest security available in Colombia. It is not super safe, but some what safe, check out my other video about “How Not to Get Robbed in Medellin Colombia”.

Parque lleras after dark is when the ladies come out. I would say any day of the week after 10pm. Be very careful though some very young women, stay away from those or ask for ID and take a photo or better yet a video of the business details. You do not want any confusion.

Parque Lleras and most of El Poblado (Sector) is the RED Light District of Medellin Colombia. But to be honest the entire country is a Red Light district. Now that does NOT mean all women are s**ts, I met some great hard working women here. Although just like USA and other countries, money can get things done here very easily. Combine the DOLLAR power with the weak Peso… and wow you can have a great time with a small budget.

Colombia Nightlife is party to the max with anything and everything you can desire. Most stuff here is legal unless you have a bad attitude. Come with an open heart and a pocket full of cash and you will have the time of your life.

Gusto Medellin Night Club / Bar is directly in front of Parque Lleras. They charge like $5 bucks for entrance, and drinks are like $10, very high for Colombia but cheap for foreigners. A lot of the escorts will be waiting for you there, and they will charge higher fees around $80-100 Dollars. The normal rate is about $20-30, but because you are at Gusto they know you are a foreigner & you get the foreign prices.

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