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Hamburg is one of the multi-cultural hubs in Germany. Having already been here before & being quite familar with the public transport system, which by the way is both convenient & value for money, I used the same to head towards Reeperbahn.

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Reeperbahn, the start of which is marked by the uniquely shaped building called “The Dancing Towers”, is just a few mins walk away from St. Pauli train stn. This area is the most popular place for experiencing the best nightlife of Hamburg.

So, what exactly is the Reeperbahn? Well, Hamburg has a long history and used to be a walled city, and the Reeperbahn used to lie outside one of it’s gates. It was where the city’s rope-makers worked to produce the many ropes needed for the port city. Reeperbahn actually translates to “rope walk”

Today the Reeperbahn doubles up as Hamburg’s party hub and also it’s Red Light District. Here you’d find concentrated amount of casinos, strip clubs, sex cinemas plus a healthy spattering of sex shops. Note that by law, prostitution is actually legal in Germany! Additionally, there are some amazing live music clubs in this area!

Trust me when I say this, there are enough options available when it comes to choosing a hangout spot based on your taste. Some of these clubs are pubs with live music, some which are proper discotheque, some which are have live music and along with a dance floor and some which are so packed that you can, sort of, sway to music only on the spot. For me, I really enjoyed this particular band on screen right now, they were the best amongst all that I heard on this night!

I loved that fact that everything here is within walking distance to each other, so, even if you don’t like a place, you’re never really stuck and, if you just explore, you’d definitely find something of your choice in the terms of the music, the ambiance and so on.

Moving on, within Reeperbahn, there also is a street called “Herbertstrasse”. I took a walk to get a glimpse into this barricaded one-block road and to be honest, you’d see here the sights similar to any other Red Light District. The only difference being that women aren’t allowed to walk through on this street, as it’d be unsafe because of the prostitutes vying for attention.

It shouldn’t be much of a surprise that the street that ends (or begins) with Beatles-Platz, is also the one full of music and rock clubs. But like everything else along the Reeperbahn, there’s a healthy dose of sexuality added to the mix in the form of heart thumping music which you’d feel anywhere you walk on this street!

Repperbahn is a mix of exactly what I was expecting plus a few nice surprises. Several blocks along the Reeperbahn were pretty much as I imagined, that is, tipsy travelers from abroad facing difficulty walking a straight line while talking loudly and getting in trouble for sexualizing just about everything in sight! Overall, the street here are crowded with party-people all year long and drinking on streets is a usual sight as well!

Hamburg is quite amazing for the way it comes to life at night which is one of the major reasons why it attracts several tourists and locals alike. Speaking of locals, the nightlife here is fairly notorious among Germans. I mean, personally when I hear “Red Light District,” that’s usually not on the top of my travel radar. But in Hamburg, plenty of locals seem to be downright proud of the Reeperbahn’s lustful (and fun!) atmosphere, and I don’t see a reason why not?

And don’t worry about the safety! Police keeps paroling the area and their station is right around the corner too.

And incase you get hungry during your party spree, worry not because you can choose one of many restaurants or even budget spots to grab a quite bite.

So, overall, irrespective of whether you are a party animal or a creativity admirer or even someone who is just looking for a quite outing, there is something for everyone here!


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