In one of Amsterdam’s oldest areas, you find what we call ‘de Wallen’ — and what you probably know as the red light district. Whatever you call it, it’s probably the most famous and infamous areas of its kind in the western world. Order this cocktail by
its English name. You’ll be served a drink that’s as red as the glow of the lamps that traditionally light up the windows of the rooms where the prostitutes work.
The unusual liqueur used in the cocktail is made by distillery Wynand Fockink, which as far back as 1679 had a tasting room on Pijlsteeg, one of the two Amsterdam streets on which brothels were first permitted. It adds a touch of its bitter macaroon flavour to make for a drink that is bittersweet – just like a visit to the Red Light District. For try as you might to enjoy the sweet sight of
beautiful women and pleasure everywhere you look, you can’t help but feel a twinge of unease about the world behind the curtains — a world that has nothing to do with love.


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