Where to Stay in Seoul: Seoul Cheonhodong – the Heart of Eastern Seoul- Could be a Great Option

The city of Seoul is extremely large, separated into 25 gu, or districts. Each gu is then split up into dong, which are neighborhoods. Cheonho-dong is one of the dongs of Gangdong-gu.

Cheonho means “Thousand of Houses”, because its geographical location was believed to be an ideal place to live based on the Feng shui theory. In addition, there is a historical site of Pungnaptoseong, which is a flat earthen wall built at the edge of the Han River in the Baekje Era. Cheonho-dong is the only place where a huge department store such as Hyundai Department Store is located in the area of Gangdong-gu. Cheonho Station is a transfer point between Seoul Subway Line 5 and Line 8. Cheonho-dong is a 60-minute Limousine bus ride away from Incheon International Airport.

Cheonho is a small hubbub of brightly lit restaurants, bars, and cafes off of line 5 (purple line). For those who live on the Eastern side of Seoul, Cheonho has become a favorite place to gather for dinner and a few drinks and night time fun. In Korea rodeo streets are home to shopping, bars, and restaurants, and Cheonho has one of its own. Anchored by a large Hyundai Department Store, Cheonho’s rodeo street is full of bars, both western and Korean style. Though they aren’t as popular, or crowded, as the famous foreigner neighborhood of Itaewon or the university area of Hongdae, it’s a great place to grab a drink after work with coworkers when you don’t want to stray far from home. The Rodeo street ends with Cheonho Traditional Market and Cheonho Entertainment District which is one of the largest Entertainment Districts for men in Seoul.

[Seoul Tour: A Visit to Seoul Cheonhodong – the Heart of Eastern Seoul Gangdonggu]

The places this video includes are:
Cheonho Subway Station
Hyundai Department Store
Rodeo Street,
Santan Beer (),
Funky Dunky Bar,
Cafe alma,
Gallery Singing Room ( ),
Kuragi Karaoke ( ),
NH (Nonghyup) Bank,
KB Bank,
Yonse Hospital,
Cultwo Family Mart,
Green Convenient Store,
Wang Mandu ( ),
Cheonho-dong Pink Entertainment Establishment.

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