Kings Cross was needing a Museum 2009 we started on collecting the evidence – created at Kings Cross Museum, an Aljen Project….The Kings Cross Sting Private Investigation into the Abe Saffron Legacy, we actually touch on the world wide drug network.
Where KX Newspaper released The Kings Cross Sting…

This investigation highlights many of the unsolved murders within Australia and the 911 attacks on America.
We explain the unsolved missing persons, Juanita Nielsen, Donald Mackay, Beaumont Children Prime Minister Harold Holt, over 100 unsolved drownings, Easey Street Murders, the Timeline of Australian murders that when we looked into the murders, drownings, the huge robbery of Crown Casino 2013 $32 Billion dollars and the links to the worshipping of the Moloch god of Satan, to the drug network.
Shot dead left in a paddock Howard Tyrell, the many shootings around Sydney. Why? Intimidation? Drug network? Or just Child’s play by alleged psycho pathetic people where they talk about murders as fun and then they make this their own reality dirty by sexual encounters and even owning as Abe Saffron The Pink Pussycat Club Kings Cross, the connection with Florida USA and this alleged drug network.

Exposing the Nigeria Scam, how it works, the people behind and how the system is missed within our society or is it they just don’t want to pull down the drug network world wide.
We focus on how the drug network evolved in the history of Australia. The Kings Cross Sting has been researching from 2009 to 2013 and continuing….
Luna Park Sydney Ghost Train Fire where 7 lost their lives. We look at many of the missing persons that have impacted on the drug network through you loose your sister and this guy I will allege however he did threaten to murder me. We search for the answers, exposing the system at each twist how the system interrelates and how the bible was written by 40 people showing 66 stories all in a way showing us how this gang would work and how to expose them.
Ever wondered about corruption within the Police, Wood’s Royal Commission did? All that’s needed is a Police search warrant for The Original Pink Pussycat Club now known as World Famous Sparkling Chandeliers join us on the next adventure the searching of the subfloor to find Abe Saffron’s Moloch for a King will have 9 items,
Allegedly Juanita Nielsen, Donald Mackay, Prime Minister Harold Holt, Beaumont Children, the guy for Howard Tyrell, Tony Jones, Christopher Flannery and the system that The Kings Cross Sting researched, wrote about will be enough evidence to expose the drug network worldwide
If I am right, we need the Police, the Governments around the world to take notice and connect on one side of the drug network contracted murders, shootings, extortion and the other side the drug networrk by paying homage to the drug network they utilise the Moloch 7 compartments of 7 things they will collect, murder, go missing, just for the money to flow in this sick world of the underground that exists today.


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