“Rebel M-Pire Presents:

Velvet Glove

The Rebel M Pire is proud to present Velvet Glove a once a month avant guard event to be held at Pax the third Thursday of every month ,this Velvet Glove will host a night of live music and performance art by some of Miami’s most eclectic musical artist.The 3rd Party, a incredible freestyle improv band, will create the musical backdrop the performers. This event is sure to put a unique spin on Miami’s music scene.

Hosted by Rod Deal &Marcus Blake
Jahzel Dotel
Kaaren Styles
I Profit
Mercury Wolff
Justin Howard
Suga SP
Nia Devine
Bryant Del Toro
Hope Baucom

Live Music by: The Third Party

Live Dance Performance by Marissa Alma Nick

DJ Corey Chase”


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