For hundreds of my own original red light photos & much more – .
This video is one of several I took between 3rd and 6th May 2012 in Amsterdam’s famous red light district. They were taken just before the start of many scheduled window closures and I wanted to capture what is was like just walking, watching and soaking up the atmosphere before many of these areas are destroyed for ever.
I know some will find them boring but I feel it is important that these scenes are captured and stored for posterity. I for one have spent many hours in these locations just watching (and often waiting) so they were made as much for me as for you guys.
I was a little uncertain about showing the people so clearly on YouTube though most appear to be just regular tourists. If however you recognise yourself and object to such public exposure please send me a message describing exactly which person you are and I will re-edit the video with you blurred out.


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