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Werner Eisbrenner composed “Beim ersten Mal, da tut’s noch weh” (Lit. The first time it still hurts) for Helmut Kutner’s famed 1944 melodrama “Grosse Freiheit nr 7” starring Hans Albers, Ilse Werner, Hans Shnker and Hilde Hildebrand, who sings the song in the movie…

Kutner’s Agfacolor movie was shot in Berlin and Prague and tells the story of Hannes an older former sailor (Albers) who works as singer/entertainer in a nightclub at Hamburg’s Grosse Freiheit (next to the Reeperbahn). After he promises his dying brother to take care of Gisa (Ilse Werner) the latter’s former girlfriend he brings her from the countryside to Hamburg… Sloly he falls in love with the young woman and decided he wants to settle down and start a family life… Gisa however falls in love with another, younger man (Hans Shnker)… Desillusioned Hannes becomes a sailor again and sets sail for Australia…

After an initial premiere in Prague the movie was banned by German censors in December 1944 (apparently censors were offended by the story line and the depiction of Hamburg’s red light district. The Hildegard Knef biopic “Hilde” starring Heike Makatsch features a scene in which Knef attends a private screening of the film after which the audience is told why the movie will be banned) … “Grosse Freiheit Nr. 7” went into release in Germany in September 1945.

The video features a sequence of the Ufa Studios in Tempelhof after an air raid in 1944 (The large Ufa Studios were located in Babelsberg outside of Berlin) as well a sequences from some Agfacolor productions from 1943-1945.

The recording is called a waltz but is more a variation on the song with tango and foxtrot tempo as well…

About the record :

47834b / mx. 10037 GR9
August 1943

Record in quite used condition

This record was recorded with an Nagaoka MP10 cartridge with 3,5mm 78rpm stylus as well as 78rpm phono preamp. The restoration was done as truthfully as possible.


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