We Found Wes’ Reality TV Show “Dad Camp” Tapes!!

Hard Factor News Episode 1413 (satire/comedy podcast) – The big surprise!

00:00:00 Teasers!
00:01:53 Directing traffic kicked in

00:03:14 Hundred-strong: Violent turf war between Thai and Filipina ‘ladyboy’ groups rocks Bangkok

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00:14:44 ‘Balls Out Bowling’ event invites bowlers to roll in the nude

00:20:29 Man stung by scorpion in the testicles while sleeping at Venetian Las Vegas hotel: lawsuit

00:23:50 Meta Cyberattack? – Kate Middleton sick? – Gay whales?

00:27:09 Russia and China set to build nuclear power plant on the Moon as new Space Race explodes

00:31:56 The wildest car crash we have ever seen!

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