Amsterdam’s enchantment deepens as the sun sets in this captivating 4K night walking tour. Stroll along the luminous canals, where historic bridges and gabled houses are bathed in the soft glow of streetlamps. Explore the city’s secrets as we navigate the winding lanes of the Red Light District and the tranquil tranquility of the Jordaan. With landmarks like the Anne Frank House and the Royal Palace aglow, Amsterdam’s rich history and vibrant present come alive under the night sky. Join us on this nocturnal journey through the Venice of the North and discover the magic of a city that never sleeps.

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** Please note that this walking video has been recorded in public spaces where individuals have no reasonable expectation of privacy. As such, the recording of people’s faces in this video is done in accordance with applicable laws and regulations. The purpose of this video is to showcase the vibrant atmosphere, cultural landmarks, and everyday life of the city. We respect the privacy and rights of individuals featured in this video. If you recognize yourself and prefer not to be included, kindly contact us, and we will address your request promptly. Thank you for understanding and for joining us on this virtual exploration **


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