The #Mortician’s #Jokes That #Kill!

“Works In A Mortuary” is a rather unusual topic for a comedy, but with the right approach, anything is possible! Here’s a potential premise:

The main character, let’s call him Bob, works in a mortuary. He’s been doing this job for years and has become quite desensitized to the sight and smell of dead bodies. However, Bob has a secret hobby: he’s a stand-up comedian. He’s been performing at local open mics for a while, but he’s never told anyone at work about it.

One day, Bob’s boss announces that the mortuary is hosting a fundraiser for a local charity, and they want to include some entertainment. Bob sees this as his chance to finally reveal his comedic talent to his colleagues. He convinces his boss to let him perform a short stand-up routine during the event.

The day of the fundraiser arrives, and Bob takes the stage. He starts with some light, self-deprecating jokes about his job, poking fun at the stereotypes of morticians being creepy and morbid. Surprisingly, the audience responds well, and Bob gains more and more confidence as he goes on.

As Bob continues his routine, he accidentally makes a joke that hits too close to home for some of the people in the audience who have recently lost loved ones. They become upset and start to heckle him. Bob tries to salvage the situation with some quick thinking and even manages to turn the hecklers into fans by the end of his set.

The fundraiser turns out to be a big success, and Bob’s comedy routine is the talk of the mortuary for weeks to come. He realizes that he can use his unusual job as inspiration for his comedy, and even starts incorporating it into his act more regularly. And who knows, maybe he’ll even get his own comedy special one day: “The Mortician’s Jokes That Kill!”


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