One of the most challenging & rewarding interview since the beginning of this feminist world tour !

Indeed, this woman agreed to tell me her story anonymously, in a street of Kamathipura, an area of Mumbai known for prostitution. She left Kolkata at 11 years old, and has been living in this slum for more than 40 years now. I visited her room (but couldn’t film) where the kitchen is under the bed and still can’t believe the rent is so expensive. Besides money and health, violence is another issue she faces : domestic, societal, psychological as she is rejected by her own family.

So yes, being very sensitive, hearing & seeing this was tough. However, we ended up smiling and hugging each other, a true wowo connection moment. When I asked her what makes you happy?, she replied it is nice to have someone interested by me. She felt valued.

Due to my limited language skills in Hindi, the subtitles don’t correspond at the exact moment what she is saying but hopefully, you are able to understand her story. Thank you to my friend Shilpita for helping me with translation.

About this project “On the voice of women”: My name is Elisa Vaiana, currently on a feminist world tour: I relay the stories of women from diverse cultures, all walks of life to enable bonding with our sisters from elsewhere
Instagram : wowo_adventure


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