When you live in Fabulous Las Vegas, and you’re at loose ends on a Saturday afternoon, what do you do? You drive down to the Strip, that’s what – and we did! We arrived at the corner of Las Vegas Blvd and Sands Avenue, with no plans and no agenda, and a terrific adventure just kind of happened. First, we had what felt like a VIP lunch at Maggiano’s Little Italy, then we took a wander through the biggest mall on the Strip, the Fashion Show. And then we walked into Fantasy Lab, and were blown away by this new immersive attraction. What a great afternoon!

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Opening segment:
The red and blue neon outline is by Thanakorn Jaroensup, courtesy of Pixabay.com:
The photo of the rainbow and red rocks is by esudroff, courtesy of Pixabay.com:
All other video clips are our own.
The music is “Love or Lust”, from the YouTube Audio Library.


The photo of Fashion Show Mall’s exterior from the street is courtesy of Shutterstock.com:

The photo of the original Maggiano’s restaurant in Chicago is by John Shea.

The video clip of a Fashion Show is by nissanzxasqw. Other fashion show clips/photos were credited on the screen.

The graphic of Sasquatch that appears during Walt’s outro is courtesy of Shutterstock.com:

Songs from the YouTube Audio Library featured in this video:
– Run One Down – Dan Lebowitz
– Tiptoe_Out_the_Back
– Touching Moment

Songs and clips from the Epidemic Sound Audio Library:
ES_Endless Pt. 1 – Peter Sandberg
ES_Winds – Ennio Mano
Les Cafes De Paris
ES_Sweet Sweet Honey – Birdies
ES_Mall Crowd – SFX Producer
ES_Esqueleto – Elevador
ES_Auto Tires Squeal – SFX Producer
ES_Harp Ascend 7 – SFX Producer
ES_d’Or – Bonn Fields
ES_Jet Fly By 2 – SFX Producer

Cinematography: Dale McKenzie, Paula McKenzie
Editing, Voiceover, Post-Production: Dale McKenzie, Final Cut Pro X
Script, Research: Paula McKenzie
Cameras & Gear: iPhone 13, iPhone 11 Pro Max, and DJI Osmo Pocket in 4K video; Lumix G9 in 4K video for the outro; sound by Rode Wireless GO


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