PARQUE LLERAS has a new style. Over are the days of Parque Lleras how you remembered it… They are really trying to make an effort to clean up the city and make it more “family friendly” and more safe for tourists. Parque Lleras in Medellin Colombia is located in the El Poblado neighbourhood. This is where a lot of the clubs and bars are with a strip that is very popular for tourists and foreigners coming to to Colombia to have some fun. If you want to experience the Medellin Nightlife this is where you need to be.

Medelln Colombia Walking Tour – Comuna 13 (2023) 4K and Evening Walk Parque Lleras in Medellin, Colombia but Walking Tour | Parque Lleras El Poblado, Medellin but Parque Lleras Nightlife Tour in Medellin so NIGHTLIFE Medellin Colombia Walking Tour – LLERAS PARK EL POBLADO AFTERHOURS. Vida nocturna en Provenza y Parque Lleras | MEDELLN NIGHTLIFE | TOUR 2022 and LLERAS PARK 1:00 AM NIGHTLIFE DISTRICT 2022 [FULL TOUR] so Parque Lleras Tour – Bars and Clubs in Medellin, Colombia. MEDELLN NIGHTLIFE TOUR EL POBLADO BE AWARE and Vida Nocturna De Medelln Con Muchas Mujeres Solteras Parque Lleras Colombia 2023

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