Seth Rogen hosted Saturday Night Live for the third time with some help from his friends Zoey Deschanel, James Franco and Taylor Swift.
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Links to the best sketches of the night:
Opening Monologue
CNN Pregnancy Test:
Monster Pals:
Coachella Republicans:
Blue River Dog Food:

Well following the great hosting jobs of Louis CK and Ann Kendrick, Seth Rogen was unable to pull off a 3peat and instead presided over a show with some really stellar moments which were unfortunately overshadowed by some totally bad and forgettable sketches.
The cold opener, with a group of New Republicans lead by Jeb Bush making their pitch to a crowd at Coachella was completely lacking anything resembling real wit — although I did enjoy seeing Nasim Pedrad in drag playing Gov. Bobby Jindal with a very large chest.
For his monologue, Seth Rogen did an uninspired number where he read from his journal so they could work in some cameos from James Franco, Zoey Deschanel and Taylor Swift for no particular reason, but which was a clear indication that the writers were pretty much tapped out for this show.
Rogen next appeared in an utterly predictable, and slightly amusing sketch where a rascally little girl played by Nasim Pedrad ruins his “Just say no,” lecture — and which left me feeling as though this was an old Gilly sketch they found laying around that Kristen Wiig never got to do.
Happily they moved on to the best comercial parody they’ve done in quite a while: The CNN Pregnancy Test which was brilliantly funny– which is not the way I would describe Aidy Bryant’s big sketch of the night which was totally predictable — with the exception of the fart joke they threw in when there was nowhere else to go.
But I did love the short film they did called Monster Pals, with Michael O’Brien and James Franco pulling off a very tender and silly triumph which left me wondering why it was Franco in the scene instead of Seth Rogen — which brings us to the best live sketch of the night, where Cecily Strong completely overshadowed Seth Rogan in a commercial for Blue River Dog Food. And for that matter, the cutaways to the dog overshadowed Seth Rogen as well.
Weekend Update was nothing special this week, with Kenan Thompson doing an annoying portrayal of David Ortiz while Vanessa Bayer returned as Jacob the Bar Mitzvah boy — and I do have to say that I rather enjoyed Cecily Strong’s attempt to stroke his ego.
A really, really stupid gay scene – the kind I never thought I’d ever see again on TV — was the weight which dragged the last third of the show down, only to be piled upon by a dumb nod at the Rev. Al Sharpton’s dealings with the FBI, followed by a drawn out weed joke aimed at anyone watching the show high. And then there was Hobo Sperm which was a new low for the show, and left me joyful in the knowledge that we will have until May 3rd to recover when Spiderman Andrew Garfield hosts.


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