15 Things to do (and 4 NOT TO DO) in Tokyo – 2023 Japan Travel Guide

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Tokyo is an eclectic city, an incredible mix of imperial palaces, shrines, temples, but also avant-garde neighborhoods full of huge skyscrapers. Tokyo is a symbol of relaxation, thanks to the presence of the well-known Onsen, the typical thermal baths.

But at the same time it is also a dynamic city, full of themed bars and seemingly anonymous alleys, which in reality hide its truest soul. Not to mention the karaoke, pachinko and ubiquitous arcades.

In short, a city that never sleeps and, above all, with 1,000 facets. A city that can stun and baffle at first glance, so much so that, after “the first time”, you either fall in love with it or hate it!

00:00 Introduction
00:47 Asakusa and Senso-Ji Temple
02:05 National Museum
02:56 Ueno Park
03:45 Shinjuku
04:44 Golden Gai
05:25 Meiji Shrine – Meiji Jingu
06:30 Harajuku
07:34 Shibuya
08:25 Rappongi
09:07 Imperial Palace
10:07 Kanda
11:03 Akihabara
11:55 Tsukiji Fish Market
12:28 Ginza
13:09 Tokyo Tower
13:54 Warnings


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