Bangla Road Patong Beach December 31 New Year 2022 | 2023 4K
Oh wauw – what a crazy New Years Eve we just had in Patong! The City is Jam Packed just like before.. People are flooding the streets and businesses are booming again. It’s so good to see that!

This will be a special New years evening edition and I will visit a lot of cool places like, Models Inc – The Strip Phuket – White Room – Hollywood – TaiPan – Tiger Bar – Bar Funk – Armania and much more… If you want to support me, watch it all and donate in the Christmas Video and say thanks for the New Year Video. Music Copyrights blocked the option in this video.

Girls are full of action and this is an awesome night out in Patong – Phuket | Thailand. 2022 | 2023

NB. a few small clips was recorded a few days earlier.

Thanks to all the nice people in my video!

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