Assaulted By A Migracin Colombia Agent At The El Dorado Airport In Bogot Colombia. I post the video here.

Here’s the latest:

Thanksgiving day, migracion colombia agresion was seen at the el dorado airport in bogota colombia. This is where juan ramon camarillo was assaulted at the el dorado airport migracion colombia agent. That’s right, on camera, he was assaulted by migracion colombia agent. It was captured by another traveler standing in line at the bogota airport security.

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The Colombian Migration official who punched and kicked a traveler at the El Dorado International Airport in Bogot will face a disciplinary investigation at the Attorney General’s Office and another control investigation within the institution for which he works.

The man was exposed after a video was released in which he assaulted 32-year-old Juan Ramn Camarillo. The traveler, apparently, was doing his immigration checks after returning from abroad when he was punched and kicked by an official from that institution.

Due to this fact, the Delegate for Morality and Public Transparency of the Attorney General’s Office advanced the intention of taking the indicated aggressor to a disciplinary investigation and he could be suspended from his position while the process progresses.

“Let’s hope that justice acts. You come to your country to try to rest and spend time with your family and from the entrance you find complacent officials and the taxi driver who notices your coastal accent and wants to charge you more,” Camarillo said on his Twitter account.

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