This is what you need to know BEFORE arriving in Japan!
What you do in that first hour can set the tone for the rest of your stay.

So, it’s your first hour on the ground and you’re ready to go explore the country! But before you head out of the airport, there are several things you MUST do! You need Wi-Fi / Internet, Japanese Yen, Transportation information, train information and MORE!

Also before you arrive, there are steps you need to take to ensure an awesome Japan adventure – things like getting a Japan Rail Pass, downloading Japan travel apps, get information on Japan borders 2023, scheduling a Japan shuttle bus, and MUCH more!

This video will help you get set up quickly so you can get out and start enjoying everything Japan has to offer and do it with confidence.

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Here’s a list of helpful websites and apps that I mentioned in the video:

Japan Travel Information

Japan Rail Pass

Start aligning your sleep schedule with Japan Time
Current time in Japan:

Papago Translation app
Android: />Apple:

Deepl Translation app
Android: />Apple:

Japan Transit Planner / Train app
Android: />Apple:

Pasmo app
Android: />Apple:

Suica app

Waze app
Android: />Apple:

Google Translate app
Android: />Apple:

Google Maps app
Android: />Apple:

Japan Border Customs Website

Vaccine requirements and Border Measures:

Wi-Fi and Sim Card Services

Luggage Forwarding Services

Shuttle Bus Services

Current Exchange Rates />
0:00 – Introduction
02:16 – Translation Apps
02:36 – Navigation Apps
04:45 – Airport Security and Customs
05:10 – Vaccine Requirements
06:00 – Getting Wi-Fi and Sim Cards
07:10 – Luggage Forwarding Services
08:15 – Currency Exchange
09:50 – Transportation from the airport
10:21 – Car Rental
10:31 – Getting Around by Train
10:55 – Japan Rail Passes
11:35 – Pasmo and Suica Cards
14:05 – Navigating from Airport to your First Destination
17:55 – Changing Trains
20:35 – Message from Japan to YOU!


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