Welcome again my valued viewers, On this day I decided to do a spot check across various Nairobi city streets on Saturday 10th September 2022 as indicted in the video.
The video purpose is to check on business resumuption rate after the general elections 2022 in Kenya. I’ve don a walk from downtown Nairobi to uptown city areas. Luthuli avenue Kamae and Munyu roads Gaberone river road duruma road latema road kenneth Matiba road formerly Accra road.
Notably it seems trades and business are up and running, As usual in tn most area illicit sex trade is also up and running with many especially women parading themselves openly in the corridors and roadsides. I have to indicate that I was doing the phone recording being mindful of phone snatchers and harassment by the twilight girls prostitutes prostitute in nairobi. Where you find the video a bit shaky please bear with me.
maximum miracle centre pius muiru Odeon cinema imenti house SWAT officers in Nairobi city patrol patrols Kenya police naivas moi avenue Nairobi sports house kimathi street huduma centre GPO nyayo house simmers 680 hotel East africa community bus routes kampala coach spannish coach mash poa modern coast shell petrol station equity bank lopha travellers sex trade in nairobi electronics sale in luthuli avenue tearoom stage 2nk parcel services mololine prestige savanis bookshop mable arch hotel lagos road in nairobi kumasi road big ass kenyan kenya woman nairobi brothels goodhope hotel rico river road west africa africa prostitute african street hookers nairobi hawkers in the street vendors kigali road sarova stanley hotel uganda house nation centre kipande road NCBDA nairobi IKO toilets walkways rehabilitation in nairobi city county kanjo east africa community


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