Welcome to Berlin Kreuzberg! Here I am taking a walk on a summer night to show you the busy nightlife of the famous district, located in the western part of Berlin city (Germany). The nightlife in Kreuzberg with all its clubs, pubs and bars is as exciting as ever despite of difficult times. The neighbourhood boasts countless museums and galleries, as well as many of the trendiest cafs and restaurants of the city. Thanks to its diversity, it is something of a microcosm of Berlin itself, and it’s the perfect neighbourhood in which to begin discovering the German capital. Berlin Kreuzberg is alive: Small restaurants with international cuisine, pubs, bars, everything is lined up here close together. The streets I am walking along are considered the keys that help to understand the district more which is also known for its numerous trendy clubs and no less popular bars. The narrow sidewalks are full of tables, chairs, benches and people. A perfect blend of hipster cafs and urban grit, the area offers a wealth of activities, whether you’re after third-wave coffee and a sumptuous Turkish meal or would like to learn more about the city’s history. With 3.9 Million inhabitants Berlin is the most populous city of the European Union. Turn on the closed captions (CC) to see subtitles with background information about the city & the area.

This 4K video tour was recorded with high definition binaural audio in 60 FPS.
For an even more immersive experience, be sure to put on your headphones.

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