India’s lockdown in 2020 was one of the strictest in the world, millions of migrant workers and those in the informal economy were abandoned to hunger. UK-based charity Collateral Global ( commissioned this film by Abeer Khan (filmmaker, photographer, and co-director) and Kunal Purohit (an independent journalist and co-director).

The plight of sex workers has been especially distressing, and in this film, Khan and Purohit shine a light on the experiences of Mumbai’s sex workers, and the consequences for their families in the aftermath. Two years after the lockdown, the sex workers and their families continue to endure the effects of the disruption caused by the pandemic and the lockdown.

Abeer Khan: Abeer is a filmmaker and photographer based out of Mumbai. Her work can be found on Tweets at @abeerconnect.

Kunal Purohit: Kunal is an award-winning independent journalist who reports on issues of human interest and social justice. Tweets at @kunalpurohit
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