Boat through Xochimilco’s canals to Island of dolls, pulque (Mexico’s oldest alcoholic beverage), poinsettas, and islands made thousands of years ago. Then join us for Lucha Libre wrestling at Arena Mexico in Doctores. Mistico

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Welcome to madventure, we’re MADison and iVEN (okay it is spelled Ivan, but pronounced like VENture) a husband and wife living the adventure we have been dreaming of, despite the fact that it makes us sound completely mad. For us that looks like traveling full time and starting our own businesses.

For Madison, a former reality TV producer, the dream is the madventure community, connecting people through travel, experiencing new cultures, and trying the best foods from carts, stands and restaurants all over the world. She hopes to encourage others to follow their maddest most adventurous dreams, whatever they may be!

For Ivan, a former NASA engineer, it is creating an engineering product that will change the world!

Travel and food are two of our biggest passions, so on this channel we will be traveling the world, and staying awhile to experience what life is actually like living other places. We’re excited to have you on board for the delicious, culture filled, madventurous times that will ensue! Let’s madventure! xoxo


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