95% of the whole route is made on this activity. The suggestion the activity makes is to do perfect stops, which means, put the most amount of cars besides the platform of each station. But also, be careful not to pass the semaphore when it signs red. If you go through it, the activity immediately ends. The red light sometimes doesn’t allow to do “perfect stops” since it’s placed not at the end of the platform/station but somewhere in-between.

In my opinion, the “crazy” schedule is made to be fit from within MSTS. Open Rails have very improved physics, and you just can’t do the magic you can in MSTS. The best is tried.

Route: Tokyo – Hakone (Japan), Shinjuku Odawara

Locomotive: Series 2000
Manufacturer: Odakyu Electric Railway
Active years: 1995 ~ 2001
Type: Electric
Power: 3750 hp; 2796 Kw
Max. Speed: 62 mph (100 km/h)
Brakes: Pneumatic

Railway: Odakyu Electric


Intro song: R.E.M. – Driver 8

Rights of the song belongs to R.E.M. A fair use of the material is done, for informative and educational endings only. No revenue in any form is gathered from it.


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