Zona Norte (officially Colonia Zona Norte, “North Zone (neighborhood)”) is an official neighborhood, as well as a red light district located in Tijuana, Mexico. It is among the largest red-light districts in North America known for its brothels, which present themselves in public as strip clubs and bars, similar to gentlemen’s clubs in the United States.

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Many bars and strip clubs in Tijuana’s red light district in which women are the feature entertainment also operate as brothels, which offer attached hotel rooms for short intervals of time. Many other bars, styled “lady bars”, function as less explicit social clubs where pros***es and nude s*x shows are not accommodated on site, but fichas (drinks for the working ladies) are offered at elevated prices, and freelance pros***es look for clients.

These compare in most respects to the hostess bars in Japan. The red light district in Tijuana is also known for street pros***tion, particularly behind the main strip clubs on Calle Coahuila, in a large high-traffic alley named “Primer Callejn Coahuila”.

Illicit drug sales are also common to the red light district, which happens night and day in plain view because the local police tolerates it in the form of collecting their commission. The dealer’s selling phrase is “Cuanto?” meaning “How much?” in Spanish. Heroin use and theft, not common elsewhere in Mexico, are rampant here.

Due to its proximity to San Diego, California, it is frequented by US citizens, as well as locals. The district is also known as La Coahuila for the name of the primary avenue that runs through it.

Zona Norte is bordered by Downtown Tijuana (Zona Centro) on the south, Zona Ro on the east, San Diego and the Mexico–United States border on the north, and colonia Castillo on the west. Politically, the Zona Norte neighborhood is part of the Delegacin Centro (Central Borough). Tijuana’s red light district itself encompasses just a couple of blocks within Zona Norte.

The unofficial boundaries of the red light district extend from Avenida Revolucin to Av. Miguel F. Martinez, east to west, and from Baja California to Calle Primera, north to south. The focal point of the red light district, however, is the core block bordered by Calle Coahuila on the north and Primer Callejn Coahuila on the south between Constitucion and Nios Heroes.

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