All comments are screened by youtube so if you are hostile your comment/s automatically get deleted. For those that support bad and illegal behavior in the name of living a simple life that is your call but many of their lives are far from simple and carefree. The fact is it’s illegal to camp or put up a structure to reside in the city, a green space, a random piece of land, a park or even an official state campsite without paying and being limited to your time being able to stay there. Trashing the place you inhabit or littering, in general, is illegal and it’s not permitted if the laws were strictly enforced. Also, I am not stating all homeless people are bad, corrupt and worthless. That is your uneducated perception. What I am troubled by and have every right to be is the added crime, the huge amounts of garbage that accumulate on the ground from selfish behavior, added violence between the homeless competing for space and then driving around and on every corner/every intersection witnessing people illegally being on the roads medians surrounded by their discarded food wrappers, drink cups/bottles, clothes and cardboard pieces. For people to get upset with me, wish I was homeless and wish bad things to happen to me because I don’t like garbage, unsanitary conditions, and pandering and homeless crimes and violence then your reality is seriously warped and your mental health should be questioned.
Videos that document the troubles in Dallas Texas 75218 and other areas spread across Dallas:
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