Thank you to Bols, Campari, and Imbibe for supporting hospitality workers though Negroni Week, find out how you can help here:

I am thrilled to be partnered with Bols Genever for this years Imbibe Campari Negroni Week. Negroni week is a time that comes every year when the bar and hospitality community come together to support a variety of worthy causes. Of course, this years the hospitality industry is the worthy cause. Due to COVID-19 so many bars and restaurants are shuttered, in some cases permanently, and as a result the majority of the industry is out of a job. So this year Negroni week charities are all about supporting and giving a leg up to the millions of out of work hospitality workers. Lucas Bols, makers of the famous Bols Genever, have chosen to support Another Round, Another Rally, who provide grants to hospitality workers affected by COVID-19. Lucas Bols is donating 3$ from every bottle they sell for the month of September, and you can help simply by buying Bols products, or by making a direct contribution. This link will help you find Bols products in your local liquor store or will point you to where to make a direct contribution to Another Round, Another Rally:

So Bols have their very own version of the Negroni that they call a Red Light Negroni, and that’s what I’m making for you today. It’s named for the would famous Amsterdam Red Light District where Lucas Bols founded their distillery way back in the 1500’s, and yes, it was still the Red Light District even back then. Likely back to the 1200’s actually.

Red Light Negroni
1 oz. -or- 30 ml. Sweet Vermouth
1 oz. -or- 30 ml. Galliano L’Aperitivo
1 oz. -or- 30 ml. Bols Genever
Stir over ice
Garnish with a orange twist

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Directed by: Greg
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