Sex workers line up to receive aid in Mexico City as the country grapples with the outbreak of the new coronavirus, Saturday, April 4.

A program in Mexico City is helping sex industry workers as hotels and other businesses are closed.

The Mexican government has ordered stay at home measures that have affected a variety of businesses, including the buying and selling of sex.

Some sex workers have said they are fearful of getting sick, with more than 2,100 confirmed infections and 94 deaths reported in Mexico so far.

The government-funded aid given out consists of a card that allows the recipients to purchase food and medicine.

Some sex workers said they are concerned about the economic impact as many sex workers rely on their jobs to make ends meet and support their families.

Prostitution is legal in most of Mexico, but states have their own laws. Mexico City has decriminalized sex work.

Meanwhile, Mexico’s president said there will not be a big economic stimulus package related to the coronavirus pandemic, although the country is facing a crisis unlike anything before.



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