Walking Street Pub Street Midnight – VLOG 16

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Pub Street Siem Reap – (Updated for 2020!)

Some of the best nightlife in Siem Reap are concentrated within Pub Street, a vibrant street filled with backpacker-friendly bars, international restaurants, massage parlours, and retail boutiques. Great for bar-hopping, these nightlife spots are easily accessible on foot and often stay open (and packed) until 4am. Alcohol is also cheap in Pub Street — expect to pay as little as $1 for beers during happy hours.

Some of Siem Reap’s most popular hotels have rooftop bars, lounges and pubs where affluent travellers can enjoy imported wines and liquors as well as authentic Khmer and international fare. From elegant colonial-era lounge bars to trendy nightclubs playing raucous dance tunes, read on to discover Siem Reap’s most popular nightlife spots.

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