Sex workers from Kiambu County came out to protest against authorities for what they deemed constant harassment and discrimination.
Their main issue of complain was the arrest of their representative, who they referred to as Barrack, stating that he was innocent and his arrest was just a way of the police of frustrating them.
In the past, Kiambu prostitutes have complained of being treated poorly, compared to how sex workers from other counties are treated. Nairobi has the largest percentage of sex workers, who for years have received support and protection from authorities. It is said that many powerful people seek the services of prostitutes in Nairobi.
It was impressive to see Kiambu sex workers protest in public, considering that most prostitutes do not like to show their faces in the media.
In Kenya prostitution is not criminalized, but local county laws may deem the act illegal in some sections of the country.
It will be interesting to see how Kiambu authorities will respond to this.

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