This is my Ultimate Osaka nightlife guide featuring the TOP 20 bars & nightclubs which I carefully selected including places such as ADAM (G2+), Captain Kangaroo, Sam & Dave, OWL, The Pink, Giraffe, Space Station and of course the epic Osaka Pub Crawl. Subscribe to my channel for weekly videos!

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Osaka is a massive city, luckily the nightlife is concentrated in just a few districts to make partying and clubbing in Osaka a lot easier. The most common party districts are Umeda (east of Osaka Station), Amerikamura (the funky town) and Shinsaibashi (the best party district).

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Osaka has a ton of bars and nightclubs to chose from that’s why spent quite some time in this city to bring the best places in town. If you do not have a lot of time, spend at least one weekend in Shinsaibashi for the ultimate Osaka party experience.

The best possible thing you can do is join the Osaka Pub Crawl on Friday night in Shinsaibashi which covers 3 bars and 1 epic nightclub twice per week. Including places such as DOMUS, LIFE and Sam & Dave. The Osaka Pub Crawl is a great way to make new friends in Osaka quick and learn everything about the latest spots in the city. The Osaka Pub Crawl is ONLY $24 USD for 4 hours of fun, you cannot go wrong!

After the Osaka Pub Crawl you can go your own way and head over to famous nightclubs in Shinsaibashi like Giraffe, ADAM (G2+) and The Pink. These nightclubs are the best places for an epic night out. Entrance can be a bit pricey, often 3500 yen ($33 USD) for men and 1500 yen ($13 USD) for women but these prices do include 1 or 2 drink tickets.

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The lesser known area to party in Osaka is Umeda East Steet which includes cool bars like Christon Cafe, Bar Midian (a cool hidden rock bar with great cocktails), the best nightclubs in the Umeda district are OWL Osaka (mostly visited by local Japanese) and Piccadilly, one of the biggest nightclubs in Osaka.

Great bars to start your Osaka nightlife adventure are Captain Kangaroo, a sports-bar located across Osaka Station, they offer happy hours, cheap drinks, snacks, darts and a cozy atmosphere.

Next is Space Station, a nerd friendly bar with games like StarFox and Turtles in Time. Space Station is a bar not to be missed.

Above all, do not leave Osaka without visiting the famous Dotonbori area. Dotonbori is loaded with incredible restaurants and street foods ranging from Takoyaki, Giant Japanese Oysters, Okonomiyaki, Kushikatsu and Osaka Ramen. Dotonbori is truly the heart of Osaka where you’ll find the famous Glico running man sign.

In conclusion, the Osaka Nightlife is a underrated gem. The city offers so many great places to party but if you are new to Osaka, do not forget to join The Osaka Pub Crawl for just $24 USD and includes 4 hours of fun at the best places in town, you cannot go wrong!

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