Whenever we cross a redlight area we always think that they might be dragging their children into the same industry but did you thought that they are doing this so that their children dosent have to do the same thingh for earning a bread. Kranti which means Revolution, educates and empowers trafficked girls, the daughters of sex workers, and socially marginalized girls to become agents of social change within their communities. By providing them with a healing home, formal and extracurricular education, leadership and job training, as well as the skills and confidence to solve social problems, Kranti enables the Revolutionaries to emerge as leaders and economic assets, redefining the value of women in Indian society.

We as a team of social inspiratiors wanted to show you that how Organisations like Kranti comes as a ray of hope in your life. We wanted to share their stories so that tou get a spark inside yourself and realise that no matter what your conditions are, no matter which locality you live in, no matter how hard your life is, but if you dream of achieving something in your life you shold never give up and keep on fighting untill you live your dreams.

If you would like to help Kranti by some way or the other you can email them at : info@kranti-india.org


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