Here’s a tip… don’t film in a strip club or brothel in Bangkok Thailand. In fact, maybe avoid filming anything in Patpong, the red light district. This was a rookie mistake a made several years ago while under pressure for a TV casting in South East Asia. I thought I would share the experience, dig an old travel video out out of my hard drive, and tell you the story of the most scared I’ve been in 8 years of travelling the world.

Patpong night life and street markets area a integral part of the things to do in Bangkok. While it is the red light area of Bangkok, it’s not particularly dangerous for the average tourist. There is all sorts of strange things to see however… You can buy tazers, see ping pong ball shows, and visit Gogo Bars. Drink cheap beer, find great streetfood, and get a neck massage while you pee at a urinal (this really happened, and was quite a surprise). It’s open late, and can be quite a crazy (but fun) experience for people visiting the city.

This particular night I visited the area a bit beyond the scope of a normal tourist. I was out in the streets trying to compete with locals at 3am to prove myself for a casting call. I did not plan on going anywhere near a stripclub, or Patpong, that night. Fate had something different in store for me, and I was desperate. The lesson learned was don’t ever film in the red light district of Bangkok Thailand.

Here’s the original video I had sent for the casting of the TV, I have re-uploaded it to YouTube as unlisted if anyone wants to see



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