Right in the heart of one of the most beautiful and visited cities in the world, the #Erotic #Museum of #Barcelona is, since its opening in 1997, one of the most emblematic spots of the count city. The museum is located at La Rambla, opposite La Boqueria, one of the most attractive and known markets in the world.

The sexy world of the Hindu Kama Sutra, erotic art banned in Japan, the origins of Spanish pornographic cinema, the history of erotic art through the eyes of the great masters of painting and the most astonishing sexual records…

A passionate voyage through the world of eroticism and its representation in art, as seen in the 800 plus pieces which make up our collection. Sensuality, sexuality, provocation… Fun! The museum you can’t miss.

The erotic garden
A lost and secret paradise in the centre of the most incredible town in the world, Barcelona. The ideal corner to surrender to hedonism, the quest for pleasure, surrounded by thought-provoking nature and in the best of company.

Great masters of painting
A record of the history of erotic art with the great masters of painting through reproductions of their works on a voyage from the XV Century to the XX Century. Rubens, Velzquez, Boucher, Goya and Klimt, among many others.

Videocoleccin ertica privada del rey Alfonso XIII
Short films which make up the beginnings of Spanish pornographic cinema filmed in 1926 in the Red-Light District in Barcelona. Everything indicates that they were commissioned by Ricardo y Ramn Baos, pioneers of Catalan cinema, for the King of Spain, Alfonso XIII. Barcelona’s most erotic history.

Would you like to know how long the biggest penis in the world measures, who has the record for the fastest ejaculation or who has the most voluptuous natural breasts ever seen? These are some of the most incredible sexual records which you will discover in the museum.

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