Come join us for a trip that provides a thrilling mix of Europe’s most popular destinations and its lesser-known marvels! Stroll along the canals of Amsterdam, tour its notorious Red Light District, and visit Anne Frank’s house, all while familiarizing yourself with Dutch culture, history, and food! Leave your mark spraypainting graffiti in Ghent, reflect on the lessons of history at Fort Breendonk Concentration Camp, and bike through the stunning Belgian countryside with a local guide. For more information visit

In Paris, you’ll soak up the City of Light as you explore the hip artistic neighborhood of Montmartre, get the best view from the top of the Eiffel Tower, go on a guided tour of the Louvre including a visit to the Mona Lisa, cruise along the Seine at sunset, and so much more. Come to know these three countries just as well as any local with this hands-on travel experience!


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