My full name is Sheetal Jain, usually I don’t like to say my full name because I believe mothers’ names should be given to children not fathers’ names because I never met my father. I really don’t want to be old but now I’m 20! I have a younger brother I have to think of, my mother has a mental illness and there are so many responsibilities I am worried about and so I’m not sure what to do in my life… but right now I’m just interested to play drums. There are many things I like to do, like giving speech about social justice issues, talking to people about human rights, do theater/drama about our life stories, some workshops about sex education, and playing drums is my life dream.

This video was recorded at Expresso Talks Mumbai, held on 20th September 2015 at Harry’s Bar, Juhu

ExpressO Talks is a Mumbai based startup focused on showcasing the most powerful “Real Life Experiences”. It aims at changing lives, making a difference! It gives people a platform to express their inner most feelings without the fear of being judged.

Our open mic features speakers from different walks of life sharing their real life experiences, their struggles, embarrassments, joy and much more.

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