A lot of young people have their first time sex in cars because they can’t do it at home. In Buenos Aires there is a solution to this problem: telo’s. These are motels where you can rent a room for a few hours to have sex. Among the Argentine youth these telo’s are extremely popular and as normal as Football and mate in Argentina.

It’s all in the name. Telo is hotel spelled backwards without the H. There are around 180 of these motels in Argentina’s capital with a combined number of 5000 rooms and nearly 3 million clients every year. There is something for everyone. There are rooms with special themes and decor like a Star Wars room. You can check in anonymously, they are open 24/7 and in some you can even find attributes for your personal use.

How is this different from the sex hotels in Asia? In Asia these kind of meeting places are mostly for the upper class or escorts while in Argentina they are open to everyone. For students or the working class for example. The motels in Buenos Aires are extremely clean and it they have to provide condoms by law. These motels also happily accept gay couples so there is no need to worry about that. This is especially important since Buenos Aires is the capital for gay tourism.

If you are heading to Argentina here is a top 5 of the best sex motels there! Our vlogger Ande spoke to IntoLife on this way of approaching sex. To see more stories on Buenos Aires click here.

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