Justin Bieber Brazil brothel visit! There are photos, published by the New York Post’s Page Six. According to Page Six, Bieber visited the popular brothel Centaurus in Rio De Janeiro on Friday, November 1.

Bieber is travelling through South America as part of his “Believe” tour. He spent three hours at the brothel, before sneaking out covered in a bed sheet provided by Centaurus. Photographs show Bieber looking like a Halloween ghost. The pop star is identifiable by unique tattoos on his wrist. Bieber’s security team also confirmed to photographers that it was Bieber underneath the bed sheet.

Bieber got into the back seat of an awaiting car. Two female companions were placed in another vehicle and taken to his hotel.

Later in the weekend, Bieber upset fans when he stormed off stage after getting hit with a water bottle. The incident occurred during his Sunday show.

Bieber was singing ‘Boyfriend” when the projectile came flying toward him, knocking the microphone from his hand. The singer stormed off stage without saying goodbye.

Fans sat waiting for 30 minutes for Bieber to return, but he never did. They didn’t even get to hear ‘Baby’, Bieber’s biggest chart topper.

Once the lights came on, fans knew Bieber wouldn’t be returning to the stage. Crews began breaking down equipment.

Bieber’s actions angered reviewers, who called the singer immature and unprofessional for not shaking off the water bottle incident. Bieber probably looked thirsty, which is why the caring fan threw the bottle at him. Why didn’t Bieber catch it?


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